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Fermion is a comprehensive enterprise risk management application, supporting all parts of the risk management process in your organization.


All phases of the risk management life-cycle are covered

Fermion is a powerful risk management tool that helps organizations identify, assess, analyze, monitor and mitigate risks across all business areas.

Automated analytics

Fermion automatically aggregates risks to a single profile on the company level, taking into account the diversification effects between risks. This gives more accurate representation about the risk situation of the company than observing each risk individually.

Advanced visualization

One of Fermion's main advantages is graphical visualization of risk data. Users can easy identify problematic risks within the organization and consequently take measures to reduce their risk exposure.

Incident reporting

Fermion enables systematic recording of loss events, which creates a virtuous cycle that leads to improvement of risk management efforts over time and preserves the risk information even when the key people in the organization are changing.

Incident root cause analysis

Fermion has an inbuilt tool for incident root cause analysis, which can be used to identify and eliminate leading risk causes.

Full traceability of risk estimates

All the changes in the risk management system are recorded, which creates an audit trail important when ensuring accountability.

Risk owners & Task notifications

Within Fermion risks, mitigating controls and actions can be assigned to risk owners. Fermion has built in notifications for risk mitigating tasks  leading to less employee time being used to coordinate a complex internal risk management system.

Data export

Users can export data into a variety of formats and use it to prepare risk reports and presentations.

Cloud access or on-premise installation

Fermion offers its customers flexible deployment options to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Host Fermion on-premise or deploy it in the cloud.

Why Fermion

Time and financial savings in risk management

Experience with other companies shows that using Fermion as the central platform for risk management saves 30% - 50% of the time spent on managing risk. This translates, for a medium-sized company, to a saving of 20,000 - 50,000 euros in labor costs alone.

Optimization of business processes

Proper quantification of risks reduces information asymmetries within the company thus improving decision-making process, design of new strategies and optimization of business operations.

Lower costs of risk realizations

An adequate documentation and monitoring of risks allows companies to reduce losses due to risk events by 30% - 40%. This can be achieved by better targeted and more effective risk mitigation efforts.

Improved stability and higher profitability

Companies with well-structured risks management and measures in place to reduce risk impacts, have up to 50% lower business volatility, meaning less unexpected costs and consequently a higher profitability.

Lower capital requirements

An adequate documentation and monitoring of risks allows companies to reduce losses due to risk events by 30% - 40%. This can be achieved by better targeted and more effective risk mitigation efforts.

Improved communication with the bank and stakeholders

Companies that use a methodology included in Fermion, have lower volatility operations, which benefits all key stakeholders - from shareholders to the bank.

Lower financing costs

Previous experience suggests that companies can, through a structured and well documented risk management, reduce the cost of financing for 1 to 2.5 percentage points.

Determining the level of dividends and investment policy

Without adequate quantification of risk by clearly evaluating the possible shocks in terms of cash flow, it is not possible to determine an appropriate dividend nor investment policy.

Satisfying requirements of disclosure and duty of care

The methodology used in Fermion meets all critical criteria listed in COSO and ISO standards and fulfils requirements needed for duty of care.

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What our clients say

Usage of Fermion has provided a good framework around which to build HSE’s risk management efforts. Fermion team’s suggestions and assistance has had a positive impact on risk management overall and has helped build the risk culture inside the company.

Matej Rebol

Matej Rebol

Head of risk management at HSE

In the next 5 to 10 years risk will be a major driving force to your business, as the overall level of risk for your company will increase even more. Not only in key risk areas such as intensifying competitor activity, market pricing risk and unfavorable trends in input prices, but also with the appearance of completely new risks like cybercrime and data loss. The main challenge for you and your people will be how to bridge the gap between the qualitative understanding of your risk exposure and the quantification of these risks. Fermion is the exact tool that will support you with this, allowing you to build a well-informed strategy to profit from new market circumstances.

Kasper Walet

Kasper Walet

CEO Maycroft

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